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How Accurate are Ignition Interlock Devices?

How Accurate Are Ignition Interlock Devices? One Of The Most Common Requirements Following A DUI Citation Is The Installation Of An Ignition Interlock Device, Or IID. An Ignition Interlock Device Is A Built-In Car Breathalyzer Connected To A Vehicle’s Ignition That Detects A Driver’s Blood Alcohol Content Before Allowing The Driver To Start Their Vehicle….

DMV Point System in California

DMV Point System In California Are You Familiar With The DMV Point System In California? California’s DMV Point System Was Established To Safely Monitor Driving Behaviors Using A Simple And Quantitative Format. This System Rates Each Traffic Violation Or Accident Report And Assigns A Corresponding Value To Your DMV Driver’s Record. Most Traffic Tickets Can…

Truck Speeding Penalties in California

Truck Speeding Penalties in California Speeding Penalties For Different Types Of Vehicles Greatly Vary. Typically, The Bigger The Vehicle, The Bigger The Fine. Here In California, Speeding Truck Drivers Face Graver Penalties Compared To Non-Commercial Vehicle Drivers. Truck Drivers Are Held To A Higher Standard Than Other Drivers On The Road. Driving A Truck, Especially…

Speeding Tickets Increase Car Insurance

Speeding Tickets Increase Car Insurance Getting Two Or More Speeding Tickets Within A Three-Year Period Is A Surefire Way To Increase Your Insurance Rate. However, The Good News Is That You May Not Even Receive An Increase If You Just Commit One Violation Within Three Years. Typically, Those Who Receive A Rate Adjustment After A…

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